david-intrator-sax-ted“his music is soulful, powerful, rebellious and fun”   Ted Alexandro

david intrator sax testimonials“it just makes you want to move”  Harrison Shultz

david-intrator-sax-andy“a sound that goes straight to your soul”  Andy Nickolson

david-intrator-sax-rob“one of the few guys out there with a sound truly his own”  Rob Underwood

david-intrator-sax-bill-reynolds“always delivers a cool vibe”  Bill Reynolds

david-intrator-sax-ash“captivating…speaks to your soul”  Ash Ley G

david-intrator-sax-janna4“once you hear it, you got to start dancing”  Janna Powell

david-intrator-sax-enbion“his music speaks directly, honestly, truthfully”  Enbion Micah Ann

david-intrator-sax-bozena“lyrical, beautiful…touches your heart”  Bozena Salamonowicz

david-intrator-sax-ana-pecar“sexy and smart”  Ana Pecar